Finding your process – the best way to learn and thrive 

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Finding your process – the best way to learn and thrive 

One of the conversations I had last week was around how best we learn and operate. To discover this saves a lot of time and energy, so I thought I’d share it here. 

Years ago, I used to worry because I had a tendency to leave things too close to deadlines. I don’t want to say ‘last minute’ but basically that’s what used to happen. 

Then I began to notice what I’d do in the run up towards the deadline and from this realised that what I needed most – what I was creating was time. Time to mull things over, calm my thoughts and work out how to translate what was in my head into the action required. When I then sat down in what could be called the ‘last minute’ to get the work done – the words, detail or answers just flowed. 

This was even more pronounced in my coach training and becoming aware of how best I learn. So environment, head space, visuals, experiential learning and connecting with others were big on the list of ways for me to operate at my best. 

The important lesson for me was to stop beating myself up about my process and instead develop it to get the most out of it. The other thing has been to never feel that I have to change my process because someone else is doing it differently. 

We can’t grow or enjoy our work if we are constantly trying to work like everyone else. We can get ourselves into a right muddle if we keep switching things up based on what we’re seeing around us or because of comparison. 

We have to find out what works for us as individuals. Ask yourselves…

What gives you energy or inspires you? 

How do you work at your best?

Who do you need to have around you and what will keep you accountable?

Find your process! 

When you have the answers to these questions and discover the best way of working for you, then run with it, don’t let others stop you or slow you down. 

Finding your process will remove the stress, quieten self-criticism and open up ways to creatively be productive and thrive.

First published on LinkedIn