Executive Coaching

Coaching is a dynamic exchange, a thought-provoking and creative process that inspires and equips the individual to boldly maximise their personal and professional potential.
(International Coaching Federation 2018)

It’s about discovering a way forward so you can lead with impact and influence!

I help leaders, business owners and professionals to maximise their performance by finding clarity and gaining focus. Building confidence and developing the best way for them to be genuine, grow and change to have the impact and influence they need to succeed in life and work.

As a trained coach my aim is to create the space and awareness in a positive, non-judgmental environment, so individuals or teams experience learning, use creativity and have conversations that bring lasting change.

This is particularly for:

Leaders or managers looking to be more impactful and engaging

Business owners needing to overcome limiting beliefs that keep you stuck

Professionals looking to move into that senior promotion or confidence in their role

Teams and groups within the organisation needing coaching and specifically help to overcome communication challenges.

Here’s how to get involved:

Individual Coaching​

Coaching with me will enable you to be clear on your purpose, discover strategies and achieve your full potential. I will work with you on a one-to-one basis over six sessions either in person or online to help you find the right solution/s. This is delivered over three to six-month sessions. Book a discovery call here

Group / Team Coaching

Bespoke sessions designed based on your specific needs or aligned to my coaching framework EDGE or Smart Collaboration for teams.

EDGE Forward

Masterclass and Coaching: Two hours of learning, mastermind and group coaching addressing relevant and current leadership challenges.
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EDGE Leadership Impact and Influence

A six-month coaching development programme designed to improve your impact and influence so you can connect, engage and change.
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VIP Days

Sometimes you need an intensive day to work things out and identify clear strategies to get beyond what’s holding you back or challenging you to achieve success. You can book me for the whole day, where we will work together in person to do just that. Book a call for an initial conversation.
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If you have any questions about my coaching programmes please book a discovery call to get started

Why clients choose to work with me

When you ask someone to help reposition your business in written messages across a variety of materials, it's hard not to be precious about it. Trudy took on the job in a calm, understanding, practical and effective way. She listened, picked up the concepts, delivered the results I wanted alongside a framework that I could use to handle the evolution of those messages going forwards."
Lindsay Uittenbogaard
Company Director

Trudy helped me to recognise and to challenge the limiting belief patterns that were holding me back. She empowered me with tools to start to unlock a new future, and to begin moving forwards again. She is a skilled coach and a great listener and helped me to rebuild my confidence."
Christine Armstrong
Communications Manager

I had an ally in Trudy who would help me analyse the situation and realise my strengths. Trudy helped me identify some new skills I had developed. As a result of the coaching, I have gained a lot of clarity. My self esteem has grown. I have been much better equipped to exert my influence and make my mark on the work of the new department. "
Silvia C
Technology Executive

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Masterclass and Coaching: Two hours of learning and group coaching workshops addressing relevant and current leadership challenges.

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