The art of communication is the language of leadership.
James Humes

Good communication is a discipline we all need to master.

It is especially important for those leading and managing people and organisations. My goal is to work with you to help you understand and experience the impact it can have, and develop the skills and confidence needed to be effective as you lead.

The right communication designed for you. 

I focus on identifying the right approach, strategy and route that will work for you, your leadership and your organisation.

Examples of how I can help you:

Equip leaders, managers and their teams to have the skills to confidently communicate to build trust and advocacy

Navigate how best to connect through change ensuring your programme lands successfully

Engage people in the purpose, culture, values, and mission of the organisation so they see the part they play in achieving the strategy

Develop and deliver the right level of communication required to positively impact engagement, change and performance

Identify the best way to facilitate two-way communication to empower employees to connect and communicate as they play a critical part in the success of the organisation.

Good Advice

Practical advice to address your communication challenges as you lead your organisation.

Sometimes, all you need is a conversation. Share your challenges and I will identify how communication can make a difference and advise on a way forward. This is particularly useful if you are leading a change programme or looking to engage people in your vision.

I’d be happy to talk to you so book an introductory call to arrange a session.

Why clients choose to work with me

Trudy has amazing listening and empowering skills. Didn’t feel like coaching, more of a natural conversation, which I really liked. I’m now more aware of the strategies I need to implement in my daily, weekly and even annual working and family life pattern to keep my energy positive, my outputs consistent and manage the increasing demands on my time and expertise.”
Katie Marlow
Company Director

When you ask someone to help reposition your business in written messages across a variety of materials, it's hard not to be precious about it. Trudy took on the job in a calm, understanding, practical and effective way. She listened, picked up the concepts, delivered the results I wanted alongside a framework that I could use to handle the evolution of those messages going forwards."
Lindsay Uittenbogaard
Company Director

Trudy helped me to recognise and to challenge the limiting belief patterns that were holding me back. She empowered me with tools to start to unlock a new future, and to begin moving forwards again. She is a skilled coach and a great listener and helped me to rebuild my confidence."
Christine Armstrong
Communications Manager

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EDGE Forward

Masterclass / Coaching sessions covering key topics and challenges. In these sessions we will explore how communication can impact the outcome of your everyday business challenges through case studies and learning. This programme includes a 60-minute one-to-one coaching session as a follow-up to the subject.