ARE READY TO EXPLORE THE POSSIBILITIES AND MOVE FORWARD? A good conversation can really impact our lives. A coaching conversation can be a catalyst to act, move or change. I aim to help you to realise your fullest potential and have an impact. Coaching is a powerful approach that can heighten performance and move us […]

Being Brave

When people would hear that I had left family and friends in Jamaica to move back to London (ages ago), they would say how brave that was. I’ve never really looked at it that way and at various points along the way I would have called it something else. At the forefront of my mind, […]

Connections can be powerful

Connecting with people is powerful. Real connection is something we can easily neglect as we get involved in our busy lives, work and our general obsession with social media and online interfaces. It happens to me all the time, but despite the annoying reminder from my iPhone on the amount of time I’ve spent online […]