Time for a change

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Time for a change

A while back I started working as an interim and contractor via Lewis Communicate, where I focused on internal communication, change and engagement. It’s been a great experience, and as I develop and grow I’ve transitioned to a consultancy, adding coaching to what I do.

As part of that growth I decided to rebrand my company as a further way of developing my work. I am still focusing on communications and the importance of getting it right for organisations and leadership, but now will operate under the name Colinear.

Colinear literally means points lying on a straight line, it’s also an anagram of my middle name. As a business it will bring together consulting and coaching, helping leaders to communicate with influence and impact. It will enable me to provide a combined offering to support the idea that every leader can be an exceptional communicator, have an EDGE and develop their skills and confidence. Ensuring that the right approach is taken to engage and connect across the organisation and with employees.

Refreshing the brand has been a learning experience for me. It brought a new excitement at the prospect of redesigning and taking the time to reconnect with what I do. Something that has helped me as we live through these uncertain times. The interesting thing, that we all need to realise, is that we have to look forward, we have to hope and we can’t stop or put things on hold based on the challenges around. I’ve been inspired by those who have pushed ahead – started new companies, innovated and pivoted in these times despite the obvious difficulties. I believe that this is exactly what we need to do and who we need to be. So, I am excited at the prospect of exploring ways to get people engaged in communications and realise that if it’s done well, if we’re genuine and effective, we will positively impact and influence people.

I’ll be presenting more about this as time goes by, but for now I thought I’d let you know what’s happening in case you notice changes and wonder what I’m up to.

In the meantime, do get in touch and perhaps we can work together at some point.