How to be Engaging Dynamic Genuine and Effective

Communication from a leadership perspective is all about an approach and an attitude. I know there’s more to it than that, but it’s a good place to start. In our fast paced lives people want answers immediately – they want to be told how to do things and what to say. This can be fine […]

Finding your process – the best way to learn and thrive 

One of the conversations I had last week was around how best we learn and operate. To discover this saves a lot of time and energy, so I thought I’d share it here.  Years ago, I used to worry because I had a tendency to leave things too close to deadlines. I don’t want to […]

How to bring your best self to work 

How can you bring your best self to work, if you don’t know who you are? Purpose is sometimes seen as two big a word or idea to think about, yet if we aren’t clear on our ‘why’ or what’s important it can set us back. It can also be the key to us being […]

What do great leaders do well? Communicate!

At a recent conference the speaker said two things that stuck with me… ‘Leadership is a communications process, and that if you can’t communicate then you can’t lead’. In some ways that could be seen as harsh – everyone believes they can communicate, we can all talk. But when it comes to leadership how much more […]

How to master communications 

My mission is to get every leader to think differently about communication. To realise it’s more than words in a newsletter or a speech at an event. It’s not clever words to manipulate or ‘spin’ as some call it , but instead it’s a powerful leadership skill that can open up the way for executive […]