How to be Engaging Dynamic Genuine and Effective

Communication from a leadership perspective is all about an approach and an attitude. I know there’s more to it than that, but it’s a good place to start. In our fast paced lives people want answers immediately – they want to be told how to do things and what to say. This can be fine […]

How to bring your best self to work 

How can you bring your best self to work, if you don’t know who you are? Purpose is sometimes seen as two big a word or idea to think about, yet if we aren’t clear on our ‘why’ or what’s important it can set us back. It can also be the key to us being […]

What do great leaders do well? Communicate!

At a recent conference the speaker said two things that stuck with me… ‘Leadership is a communications process, and that if you can’t communicate then you can’t lead’. In some ways that could be seen as harsh – everyone believes they can communicate, we can all talk. But when it comes to leadership how much more […]

How to master communications 

My mission is to get every leader to think differently about communication. To realise it’s more than words in a newsletter or a speech at an event. It’s not clever words to manipulate or ‘spin’ as some call it , but instead it’s a powerful leadership skill that can open up the way for executive […]

Start here: Unpacking communication, impact and influence

I talk a lot about communication being able to achieve many things. And I believe strategic communication is the cornerstone to great leadership, which means that it’s important to be good at it. As a communicator I am constantly thinking of ways to engage people, leaders to share this and find ways to help people […]

Change and communications go hand in hand

Change communication is an area that many of us have to grapple with regularly. Most change programmes are challenging. Just think about how difficult it is to change something in your own private life, much less working with a whole organisation. We’ve have both worked in this area for several years and for us it […]

Leadership developing an EDGE

What kind of leader/leadership do we need to see today and for our future?  You’ll learn: Organisational purpose can aid productivity and boost profits but needs commitment from the top How being purposeful can kickstart innovation within teams Relationships and dialogue can help communication professionals become catalysts for change.  These times are unlike any other, […]

Bridging the gap: how internal communications and HR can work better together

I am on a mission to promote the value and impact good communication can have for organisations, especially when it is aligned to its vision, mission and strategy. HR leadership and teams play a big part to achieve this, however over the years I’ve noticed there is a gap between HR and internal communication (IC), […]