Time for a change

A while back I started working as an interim and contractor via Lewis Communicate, where I focused on internal communication, change and engagement. It’s been a great experience, and as I develop and grow I’ve transitioned to a consultancy, adding coaching to what I do. As part of that growth I decided to rebrand my […]

Leadership developing an EDGE

What kind of leader/leadership do we need to see today and for our future?  You’ll learn: Organisational purpose can aid productivity and boost profits but needs commitment from the top How being purposeful can kickstart innovation within teams Relationships and dialogue can help communication professionals become catalysts for change.  These times are unlike any other, […]

Outtakes: On Purpose and Communications

Purpose is a topic that is at times overlooked as communicators are busy supporting organisations and leadership. It is however, incredibly important, especially at this time as we communicate with people during a global pandemic and attempt to build trust and engagement. We need to understand what it is and where it fits in the […]

Communicating through crisis

In this challenging time, we all have to adapt to new ways of working and if you’re in leadership or management you will have had to make decisions on how to navigate the business while looking after your people. One of the most important things to get right and consistent is communications. When people don’t […]

Learning how the brain works

Last week I hosted my first event for the series Talk/50. The topic was communications and neuroscience and I invited author Hilary Scarlett to present her thoughts on the topic from her experience. It was really good to have a mixture of communicators, leaders and business owners attend and engage together. I thought I’d reflect […]

How neuroscience supports communications

I decided to kick off my first event series with a feature on neuroscience. For some it might seem like a topic not connected to communications at all. It’s also science, and not unlike how we view measurement, some might say ‘we don’t do science’. I was a little like that until I understood what […]

Bridging the gap: how internal communications and HR can work better together

I am on a mission to promote the value and impact good communication can have for organisations, especially when it is aligned to its vision, mission and strategy. HR leadership and teams play a big part to achieve this, however over the years I’ve noticed there is a gap between HR and internal communication (IC), […]

Measurement and ROI for Internal Communications

A CIPR Inside report Measurement has always been a challenge for internal communication (IC). It is consistently discussed, reviewed and presented on, and yet practitioners are still finding it difficult. In 2017 CIPR Inside conducted research with CEOs and peers to talk about the value and effectiveness of internal communication. The report findings showed that good […]

Thoughts on an essential discipline

Everything I do revolves around communication, whether it’s consulting with clients on internal communication or working with people as a coach. Basically, I love what I do. I love the possibility of helping people to get it right, so they are able to engage effectively and take people with them. The role of communication is […]